Online Marketing Specialist

Online Marketing Specialist

Organic Search Engine Optimization is aimed at constructively manipulating the website structure and adding enhanced features to a website that help the website in getting ranked on major Search Engines. The search engines are governed by Algorithms that are designed keeping in mind certain metrics and factors that are required to segregate useful data from a bunch of data.? The search algorithms, scan through click site web the coming up a container of data whenever a user queries for any information and then using analytical checkpoints bring up the best possible set of information for the query that has been fired by the user. Search engine optimization is a process of molding the structure of a website and optimizing the site so as to make it compatible with the underlying guidelines set forth by search engines. This is done by encompassing all the factors and metrics that govern search algorithms that ultimately trigger the search engine ranking procedure.

SEO is more like public relation and building up your online reputation in purview of search engines. You need to showcase the importance of your website, clean flowing structure, ease of information retrieval for users and overall online credibility of your website. You have to work for it by undertaking specific techniques and strategies. The higher you are on a search engine, the more chances are that you will drive massive traffic to your website. Generally, these activities include making changes to your website to include targeted keyword phrases searched by users, increasing the quality and number of incoming links to your website, nourishing your online social media presence and many other aspects.

SEO strategy can be categorized into the following:

Onsite factors include working on website structure, navigational flow, meta tags, image alt attributes, flash files and other coding tags and tweaks

Offsite factors include linking to appropriate sites, directory and portal submission, press releases, articles, social bookmarking, social networking, video syndication and many more

Pay Per Click or Paid Search Marketing refers to the technique where you pay to be shown in the search engine listings for specific keyword phrases. Most search engines clearly separate these results from the organic results, typically by placing them on a shaded background or show them under the Sponsored Links section at the top, bottom or right hand corner. In PPC, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad, hence the term pay per click. Lets just say, using the pay per click tool is like hunting: you will reach your prey much quicker than using farming techniques or, organic marketing.//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>?frame width="560" height="315" src=" By selecting relevant keywords related to your product or service and researching what your qualified prospect are likely to key in when searching for you, will help to lessen your sales costs and increase your return on investment.

Some advantages of PPC are:

Instant traffic through guaranteed ranking

GeoTarget to ensure only prospects within a specific region are receiving your information

You can set daily/monthly budget to control spending

Easy tracking and manage your results

Now here is the million dollar question:

If both PPC and Organic SEO are ways of increasing online traffic which one should I go for and why?

There are different schools of thought that have contradicting answers to the same question mentioned above. What is important here is the objective and purpose of marketing your website. Let's dwell a bit deeper into the intricacies.

In, PPC you are sure to get immediate results and one can get quick boost of traffic to a particular site. If you are willing to pay the price of clicks, then you can buy a top position for your chosen search terms in the major pay per click engines. PPC is kind of instant gratification and generates immediate results but drawback is that the moment you pull out the campaign, your results and traffic take a nose dive.

SEO is a slower process. You are unlikely to see major changes to your traffic in the early stages. The process can take up to four to six months of consistent and aggressive marketing. The results of SEO are long lasting and are the building blocks to online reputation and goodwill of a website.

The whole purpose of online chapaign illinois marketing is ultimately generating leads and wealth out of the products or services that the business deals in. Whether it is SEO or PPC, if the strategic plan for executing the campaign is not foolproof then the complete investment goes waste. When it comes to online marketing what to do and how to do it are the essential questions that need to be answered before commencing any campaign.

Prepare a roadmap of objectives that you expect from the online marketing campaign and then plan on marketing tools to attain those objectives; this is the easiest way to analyze your ROI.

Remember, the most important aspect is your online credibility and not rankings. Your rankings may come and go but your online credibility is here to stay and unfortunately there are no tools or metrics which can measure the work done to enhance your online goodwill and brand reputation. So, decide and choose wisely when it comes to handling and champaign marketing your online presence. Make sure you nurture it under the aegis of professional guidance.